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    Thank you, Dr. Freeman, for giving me back my life!

    For almost 13 years I had been seeking help for severe pain in my hip, which would progress into my leg. I was continuously told that the problem was in my BACK and not in the hip. I cannot begin to count the numerous doctors I saw trying to become healthy again - until I saw Dr. Freeman. After having an MRA it revealed that the labrum was severely torn and there was a spur causing unimaginable pain. The surgery was completed on Sept 9 which happened to be my birthday. As I was being "put to sleep" for the procedure, the team in the OR sang Happy Birthday! After the surgery I was able to walk with the aid of crutches. There was a little discomfort from the surgery but walking about the house was painless. I started physical therapy on the 24th of Sept and I am still pain free for moderate walking. I am so grateful that the JOI team worked together to get me to this happy place. Dr. Freeman, you are amazing! Kudos for Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Savarese for their assistance during this journey.
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