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Joe Trottie

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    tremendous amount of pain in my left knee. He immediately replied that you should see Dr. Carl Freeman at JOI. I said why and his response was he put me back together. That was enough for me. After visits with my primary and having X-ray and MRI imaging I finally met with Dr. Freeman. The initial visit was straight forward and no non-sense. That was January 2020. He gave me explicit instructions and I held to it. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic exploded and all elected surgeries were suspended. Finally on May 14 @ 0945 Dr. Freeman performed a total left knee replacement. As of July 29, 2020 I am fully mobile (with a cane for stability) and feeling great. I only experienced minor discomfort throughout the entire process. In saying that I know that everyone is different so hopefully it holds true for you.
    Finally I can say with conviction that Dr. Carl Freeman put me back together and words can’t describe how and what it really means to me. Thanks Doc
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