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William Bossert

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    Dr. Freeman performed a total hip replacement from a direct anterior approach on my right hip on May 7. The experience was excellent in every way. My rehab went much better than my most optimistic expectations. I have had little post op pain and did not require narcotic pain medications. After two weeks I was completely independently functional in my home and with physical therapy am gaining strength and function every day. I had been walking only with the aid of a walker for a year, but four weeks after surgery I was only using a cane and will soon be able to give that up. I am quite old and worried that the surgery might not be appropriate for someone my age. I want everyone to know that in Dr. Freeman's hands, unless you have some major separate health problem, you are never too old to turn your life around. Dr. Freeman is obvious;y a very gifted surgeon, but he is also a very accessible, caring person. I would also like to commend his entire staff from nurses to scheduler who I also felt really cared about my having successful results.
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