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    Dr. Freeman is a top class professional and a truly fine gentleman. While walking me through my X-rays explained to me my Aseptic Necrosis. He performed my Total Hip Replacement in June via the Anterior approach which by all accounts made my recovery significantly speedier and smoother than a Posterior approach would have. I was off the walker 5 days after surgery and at 6 weeks walking aid-free. Dr. Freeman is currently treating my wife's knee problem and she thinks the world of him as well. Given what a fine surgeon Dr. Freeman is I would recommend him to anyone. His team also doesn't miss a beat! Though all of them are terrific, two people I would particularly like to commend are Cheryl Rice who works directly with Dr. Freeman and despite her busy routine always went out of her way to attend to my needs and is always kind and gracious, and Jenny Brantley who despite all my calls for assistance has always been as kind and helpful as can be.
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