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  • Brooke Stearns

    I went to Dr Freeman for an issue with my hip after a year of trying to figure out what was wrong with it. Dr Freeman identified the issue and talked through all of the options for it. I appreciated that he started with a conservative approach of PT, and wh...
  • Michele Maron

    I was very pleased with Dr. Freeman. He was good at explaining the problem with my knee and told me what needed to be done, how long the surgery would be as well as estimated recovery time. He is very personable and you don’t feel rushed. For. Freeman’...
  • Kayleigh Hill

    Dr. Freeman is amazing! I had a hip replacement a month ago at the age of 31. Dr. Freeman offers his expertise, but understand everyone's body is different therefore heals at different time. He even personally called me to check on me a few days after surge...
  • Joanie Novosel

    Oh! So many good things to say! I was originally referred to Dr.Freeman by another orthopedic surgeon for a specific injury I had. He was so caring and did an excellent job of explaining my injury and even was kind when he explained it may not be able to be...
  • JoAnn White

    Dr. Freeman performed a total hip replacement on my right hip on 12/19/19. After seven weeks, I am doing most of my prior activity! Even out of therapy, except what I do daily, at home, on my own. I could not be more pleased with his surgery and after-care....
  • Yunetta Pope

    I would like to thank Dr. Freeman and the JOI team. Dr Freeman did an amazing job repairing my meniscus. Before my surgery I was in constant pain. I was starting to have pain in my other extremities. When Dr Freeman recommended surgery after the other treat...
  • MB

    Dr. Freeman is Godsend, an angel from heaven. I suffered agonizing /debilitating pain for 5 months from Avascular Necrosis of the hip/femur area. This highly skilled doctor & his inventive new techniques, saved my hip, my femur head & fixed my ill, and ...
  • Self-verified patient

    Thank you, Dr. Freeman, for giving me back my life!

    For almost 13 years I had been seeking help for severe pain in my hip, which would progress into my leg. I was continuously told that the problem was in my BACK and not in the hip. I cannot begin to count the numerous doctors I saw trying to become healthy...
  • Self-verified patient

    Long Hard Road

    After 3 repairs and a partial replacement, Dr Freeman did a complete replacement of my left shoulder joint. It has been 3 months since the surgery and I'm happy to report that my shoulder feels really good. This feeling is really amazing since I first injur...
  • Cris Rizzuto

    Dr Carl Freeman did a Latissimus Tendon Transfer on July 19, 2019. This repair was pretty remarkable and prevented me from having to have a reverse replacement. I have been doing great, no issues at all. Dr Freeman is, in my opinion an excellent shoulder su...
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