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    Barbara Got Her Shoulder & Her Life Back

    JOI patient, Barbara Manning, spent 5 years with pain in her right shoulder. She could not lift her arm or pick up her grandchild. After several injections and treatments, she went to Dr. Carl Freeman, an Orthopedic Surgeon at the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute. He ordered an MRI and discovered a significant rotator cuff tear. He performed an advanced surgical procedure to repair her right shoulder.
    Barbara went to JOI Rehab - Arlington for therapy after surgery, where she worked with Diana Cratem, OTR/L, CHT. Diana pushed her and worked with her.
    Barbara had been told that she would never have full function in her right shoulder, but with the help of Dr. Carl Freeman, and Occupational Therapist Diana Cratem, she now has the full range of motion and function in her right shoulder and arm.
    Barbara can now reach into her high cabinets and pick up her grandchild, the things she loves to do.
    Barbara got her life back... You can too...with JOI!
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